Narita provides expert opinion and features in “The Lady Killers” documentary

September 01, 2020

A television series ‘The Lady Killers’ focuses on recent court cases of women convicted of murder. Episode 4 features a Sikh female, Lakhvir Singh who was involved in an affair of 16 years which resulted in a love triangle, which in turn led to the murder of her lover. The method of killing resulted in the tabloids dubbing Lakhvir Singh “The Curry Killer”.
In this documentary Narita provides a criminal defence perspective to this exceptionally unusual case. The case not only involved an unusual method of killing but the religious and cultural aspects behind the murder were key to understanding how the incident occurred. Narita was asked to deploy her understanding of arranged marriages, extended families and tenants of life honour to provide an insight into this case.
The programme is available on Quest Red channel (Sky 149). Alternatively, it is available to view on the following link

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