International and National Drug Conspiracies

September 01, 2020

Narita Bahra led the team who appeared for the first defendant in three multi handed drugs conspiracies.
The prosecution alleged the client was involved in a Leading Role in three separate conspiracies; arranging the exportation, production and supply of Class A, B and C drugs through prestigious universities. The Crown alleged that the drugs were supplied in UK universities and flown out of the UK in private jets for young high net worth purchasers. Recent studies suggest that young people and students in affluent communities are at greater risk of substance abuse; the cause of which being the enormous pressure to achieve academically.
The Sentencing Council’s definitive sentencing guidelines indicated that the client could have faced a sentence in the region of 20 years imprisonment, in the event of conviction.
The Crown sought to rely on a combination of cell site, digital media, telephone and DNA evidence to secure a conviction against the client.
Shortly before the trial the prosecution “cracked” the defendant’s locked iPhone. Following a disclosure request the prosecution made a Public Interest Immunity application.
Narita and Harry ultimately succeeded in excluding evidence obtained from the unlocked phones on the grounds of unfairness to the defendant. As a result of representations made by the defence the Crown offered no evidence against Narita and Harry’s client. Not Guilty verdicts were entered for their client on all three conspiracies.

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