Acquittal for client in Jeweller Murder

September 01, 2020

Following a 4 week trial at Birmingham Crown Court, Narita Bahra‘s client Javon Roach was cleared of his involvement in the murder of 74 year old jeweller Ramniklal Jogiya.
Mr Jogiya was abducted whilst walking home from his jewellery shop on 24th January by Roach and 3 other men namely Thomas Jervis, 24, and Charles Mcauley and Callan Reeve, 20.
The men tortured and beat Mr Jogiya for information before dumping him in a country lane near Stoughton. He suffered a series of injuries, including six broken ribs and 21 circular injuries to his torso and shoulder.
Jervis was sent back to the shop to open the safe while wearing a burka disguise, but was defeated by a 12-hour time-lock.
The court heard the men needed information from Mr Jogiya to enter the shop, turn off the burglar alarm, access the safe and steal the £200,000 of gold jewellery it contained.
Although potentially dumped alive, Mr Jogiya’s body was found the following morning by a retired couple driving past the scene.
Narita’s client was the only defendant to be cleared of all charges despite all co-defendants attributing sole responsibility for the murder on him. Jervis and Mcauley were convicted of murder and Reeve was convicted of manslaughter.
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